Established in an ancient village of fishermen and artisans


The Hotel del Mare is a ‘hotel Sorrento’ established in 1970 among the traditional palazzi of Marina Grande, a historic village, close to one of the sites where old master shipwrights still build the Gozzo Sorrentino by hand, a little boat that’s typical of the area.

Originally built as a private dwelling, today this jewel among hotels in Sorrento Italy is one of the most authentic 3 star hotels in Sorrento. The building was converted to a hotel by the Galano family, who still look after the property and manage the hotel. Think hotel Sorrento, think Hotel del Mare!

Recently renovated for maximum comfort

 This Sorrento hotel has undergone various renovations since the seventies, the most recent of which were carried out between 2001 and 2006: the Hotel del Mare, one of the loveliest hotels in Sorrento Italy, has thus been transformed into one of the most welcoming 3 star hotels in Sorrento and offers every modern comfort: free Wi-Fi access, air conditioning and LCD TV in nearly all of the rooms.

The most recent renovations also revealed the natural rock walls which have revitalised one of the hotel’s most attractive areas: the Breakfast Room. Dreaming of Sorrento Italy hotels? Hotel del Mare is the hotel for you.

Decorated in traditional style


One of the most charming Sorrento hotels, Hotel del Mare has been fully renovated and redecorated: the choice of materials and furnishings gave preference to local styles.

Guests in our hotel in Sorrento will love the styling of the rooms in warm, welcoming colours, including the use of volcanic rock from Vesuvius and multicoloured ceramics from Vietri which have been customised for the hotel in their shape, colour and decoration. It’s worth remembering that these materials are famous throughout the world for their high quality and beauty. Think hotel Sorrento, think Hotel del Mare!

Managed by people for whom hospitality is a way of life


Unlike many Sorrento hotels, the Hotel del Mare is run by a manager and staff with a singular mission: to welcome guests with professionalism and courtesy, to make them feel totally at ease and to take care of them throughout their entire stay, meeting every need from the accommodation, food, sightseeing and entertainment point of view. Dreaming of Sorrento Italy hotels? Hotel del Mare is the hotel for you.

Of all the hotels in Sorrento, our establishment is guaranteed to satisfy its guests, as is shown by the fact that it is highly recommended and receives positive reviews. Think hotel Sorrento, think Hotel del Mare!