The Hotel del Mare is the ideal choice for those searching for a hotel in Marina Grande, Sorrento


To be chosen from the 3 star hotels in Sorrento by those who are also looking for “hotel in Sorrento Italy on beach” is a privilege for us, since our hotel is located in the heart of the Marina Grande in Sorrento. Our hotel is situated in the heart of one of the most famous corners of Sorrento, the hamlet of Marina Grande, brought to fame by Dino Risi’s cult film “Pane, Amore e…” (Bread, Love and…), starring two of the most famous personalities in Italian Cinema, Vittorio de Sica and Sophia Loren. More recently it was featured in Pierce Brosnan’s film “Love is All You Need”.

Marina Grande, Sorrento is found in an expansive cove of the Mediterranean Sea, facing the bay of Naples where it is possible to admire the ruins of the water gardens and aquariums, of docks and coves and splendid villas from the Roman Empire.

Marina Grande, Sorrento is a charming fishing hamlet which displays a stunning and unmistakable panorama drawn from the high cliffs to the colourful historic town centre.

 Visiting here and walking through the streets of the ancient fishing village of Marina Grande, Sorrento, is like being inside a scene at the open air theatre: immersed in the voices of the locals and the tourists, the smell of the sea and of the fish cooked in the many traditional little restaurants, the Neapolitan dialect of the elderly men and women on the dock of the bay.

While visiting Marina Grande, Sorrento, you can go on scenic walks along the coast and see the beautiful houses carved out of the volcanic rock.

You can get to Marina Grande, Sorrento in two ways: by car on the modern road built along the route of the ancient moat, which snakes along the city walls; or by foot following the Grecian pathway which transports you to old-world Sorrento, winding up and down the natural ridge of rock.

A lively and colourful hamlet, characterised by a great sense of hospitality deriving from the fishing culture, Marina Grande, Sorrento is a place to stay, discover and spend an unforgettable holiday.

If you’re searching ‘Marina Grande, Sorrento’ and are looking for one of the most popular locations on the coast, where hospitality is a way of life, Hotel del Mare has everything you’re searching for. We look forward to welcoming you!

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