Il Monazzero is definitely one of the most colourful and welcoming places for gelato in the Sorrento area


Giovanni Galano, the owner of the Hotel del Mare, has added an Italian Ice Cream Parlour and snack bar to the hotel. It is open both to guests and the public and creates a calm, pleasant atmosphere in the heart of Marina Grande. Here you can enjoy the delicious gelato of Sorrento.

 What you can enjoy in our shop of delicious gelato Sorrento


Everyone who comes on holiday to the Peninsula of Sorrento wants to find a traditional Italian ice cream shop, where you can have a relaxing break and a snack. Whether you’re between a cultural visit and a boat trip, want to relax after a long day at the beach or you’re just on a walk through the centre of Sorrento, come and visit us at Hotel del Mare’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Marina Grande in Sorrento is a maritime hamlet which has preserved its characteristics as a fishing village, far from any chaos or noise, where time appears to have stood still, where the past continues to live in the present.

Il Monazzero Ice Cream Parlour and snack bar is furnished with little tables laid out on a spectacular floor of hand decorated Vietri ceramic tiling. It takes its name from the traditional word for the boathouses where the fishermen keep their fishing gear and store their boats.


It’s an ideal place to enjoy a quick snack by the sea or to refresh you on a hot summer’s day, sipping on a cocktail or cold drink or, of course, sampling a delicious homemade Italian ice cream.

At lunch you can come to Il Monazzero Italian Ice Cream Parlour and Snack Bar for a fresh salad, a sandwich or a slice of pizza lulled by the sound of the waves and surrounded by a truly enchanting landscape.

In the evening you can enjoy colourful cocktails and alcoholic/non-alcoholic aperitifs, created and prepared with care by the staff, complimenting the captivating colours of a romantic sunset.

Experiencing Sorrento by night at Il Monazzero Italian Ice Cream Parlour means choosing a unique atmosphere, the magical colours of a one of a kind landscape, a place of total relaxation in the heart of the Marina Grande in Sorrento with views of the bay of Naples.