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An excursion from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast allows you to discover some of Italy’s most prized gems. From Sorrento you travel up to the village of Sant’Agata dei due Golfi, with its exceptional views of two bays.

On one side is the Gulf of Naples, with Vesuvius, the valley containing the city of Naples and the islands of Ischia and Procida in sight. Beyond the steep drop on the other side you can see the beautiful Amalfi Coast stretching towards the Gulf of Salerno, with its hilltop villages perched on the rocks, areas of shrubland, and, off the coast, the Sirenuse Iislands set in the blue sea.

Descending towards the Gulf of Salerno you will come across beautiful coastal towns, and in particular Positano, with its white houses and villas sloping down towards the sea. Positano is characterised by its many boutiques selling extremely chic beachwear, as well as high quality restaurants and elegant cafes, which have served to make it a luxury tourist destination that has charmed both VIPs and ordinary travellers for decades.

You will continue your excursion from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast with a visit to Praiano, another charming town, with fantastic scenery and houses and villas sloping down to the sea. Your next stop will be the town of Amalfi itself, the most precious jewel of the coastline to which it gives its name.

During the Middle Ages Amalfi was a Maritime Republic whose ships sailed across the entire Mediterranean trading goods. Amalfi’s maritime heritage provided the city with an extraordinary invention: the compass, and the city’s main piazza is named after its inventor, Flavio Gioia. The cathedral square is dominated by the Duomo Sant’Andrea, with its imposing black and white façade, towering over a great flight of steps. At the top of the steps is a beautiful mediaeval cloister called Paradise, a name which attests to the sense of peace and beauty that the area conveys. As you climb the main street leading towards the mountains you can visit traditional pastry shops and craft shops, and enjoy gazing upon the beautiful porticos and stairways in the town’s characteristic white stone.

Your excursion will continue with a climb up a road with breath-taking views of Ravello, a town that dominates the coastline. During your visit to Ravello (a town where Jacqueline Kennedy spent many an unforgettable holiday), you can visit the Mediaeval cathedral, full of precious works of art, and Villa Rufolo, which offers views of the sea that have no equal anywhere in the world. The villa also boasts a garden rich with flowers which surround the remains of mediaeval towers and walls, with an extraordinary view of the coast.